12 weeks! Wahoo!

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12 weeks! Wahoo!

And HBs were strong this AM. I know I could still lose one, even both. But for some reason, hitting the 12 week mark makes me feel less nervous and more excited!!

So jealous of you 2nd trimesters (14-15 weekers)!

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12 weeks is a big milestone! statistically, the risk for a lot of problems goes down. so, you should feel excited! 2nd trimester will be here before you know it. Smile

glad you got to hear healthy heartbeats again! it's always so reassuring.

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12 weeks is an awesome milestone! I'm glad those little heartbeats keep the worry away some for you. When is your next u/s?

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It's good to be cautious Meg but HOLY MOLY GIRL - your babies are doing awesome!!!! 12 weeks is such a great milestone!!!! Smile

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I agree Jen! Meg, you and your babies are doing great! You should definitely be excited!

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Woohoo! I too am glad to be past the 12 week mark.

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The risk of losing one now, is very, very low. Count on two!!!

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Yay!!! Congratulations!! Smile