1st appointment booked

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1st appointment booked

I just heard back from the Midwives office and I have my first appointment Sept 1st. The primary midwife I had with DD has now retired but the student I had 2 years ago will now be my primary.
It seems like a million years away but I'm sure time will fly by

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It always seems like you are going to be pregnant forever, especially in the beginning. But you are right time goes by so quick. It won't be long before we will going to our appt's every week!

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Exciting! I am sure this time will fly by as well Smile

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I just made my appointmet too. It August 11 they said I have to be 8 weeks to come, which is good because the RE have to release me. And I get my sonogram next thursday so Im super happy.

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Good Luck hun! I'm sure the time will go fast. I'm a teacher and school starts back again mid-August, and although it seemed like forever it's coming quick!! I'm sure if you stay busy it won't seem that long.