1st appt.

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1st appt.

Hi there, I had my 1st appt today with the midwife!
Basically it was just all paperwork and giving my past history which sounded so much more dramatic when i was telling the midwife than it did when i was actually having the other kids!! The midwife is a different one than i have had previously and looked a little bit surprised when i was going through all my previous experiences! At the moment i am still very nervous as i have had 2 m/c both at 8 weeks so i just can't relax at the minute, she has however started the ball rolling and i should get an early scan at about 8 or 9 weeks hopefully, i just have to wait for the appt to come through!!
Sorry for rambling i am just always so nervous at this early stage!!
thanks for listening!

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I TOTALLY understand. 2 of my miscarriages have come between 8 and 11 weeks -- so I am right in the same boat and it's a little scary. Keep us posted on how you are doing!! I'll definitely be praying for success for you!! Smile

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I know just how you feel. Once you can see and hear the baby there is a little relaxing, so I hope your first u/s goes well. GL!

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I hope you get your u/s soon so you can relax a bit!

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Agreed. Glad the appt went well!

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I know how u feel. Hang in there, and I hope u get that u/s soon. Smile