3 hour glocuse test ...

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3 hour glocuse test ...

I went to take my 3 hour glucose test today. Took the drink and all was well for about 15 min. Then it hit...

I felt like I was having a panic attack, so they had my lay (lie?) down on a cot. I tried to sleep, but my pulse was up to about 138 bpm within 10 min. Then my vision started "tunneling" and I knew I was going to pass out, so I sat up to call the lab tech. As soon as I sat up, I threw up EVERYWHERE. It was so gross (red glucose drink) and it would not stop.

They canceled the test, of course, and gave me lots of water to drink. I stayed for like an hour more and then came home. I napped for like 2 hours and now I'm feeling better. I pray I don't have to do that again. I hope there is another way to test it! If not, I hope they just consider me GD and I'll just do the diet. There is no way I am making it...

I don't mind the "gross" feeling - it was the fear of passing out that really has me scared to do it again. I've never seen my vision do that before.... Crazy.

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:lurker: I didn't fail my 1hr but it was significantly higher than with my other pregnancies and I had a high amount of glucose in my urine for 2 appts. I declined the 3hr and agree to just 'treat' for GD. I met with a dietician and less than two weeks after changing my diet I not longer had any glucose in my urine at all. I am glad i didn't do the 3hr, the 'diet' isn't bad really, just about monitoring your carbs and spreading them out throughout the day. the dietician gave me a cheat sheet for meals and snacks and what exactly to watch for on labels. I am a month into it and still haven't had any problems with glucose (and i still sneak a soda every once in a while...). baby isn't measuring big and it seems to have helped. After babbling, I would encourage you to just decline the 3hr and work with your doc to treat, esp after the way you reacted to the most recent test. doesn't seem like there is much of a point to go through that again! gl.

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I had to do the 3-hr with both my girls and it SUCKED! I know what you mean, it really messes with your body! I agree with you, I would NOT do another 3-hr and just get on a diet for GD. How scary! Glad you're doing better!

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Oh wow, that is awful! I'm so sorry you had that reaction. It made me feel a little nauseous at first but I was okay after about an hour. I agree, just treat it as if you do and don't bother trying again. (HUG)

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Wow! How terrible!! So glad you're feeling better.

I needed to take the 3 hour glucose test as well and instead of drinking the glucola I was given the option to eat food. The alternative meal included 16 ounces of OJ, 8 ounces of milk, 2 slices of bread and a banana (in place of the banana I could have opted for 4 tablespoons of raisins or 5 prunes). At any rate, all of the food together was a bit much especially since I ate a banana, but I was glad I was getting a bunch of other nutrients. Much healthier for myself and the baby and overall it wasn't bad at all.

I hope they come up with some alternative options for you.

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I agree about declining the test if they ask you to do it again. You never have to do anything a doctor tells you to, since you are rightfully in charge of all your medical care. Of course, none of us want to be negligent when it comes to our prenatal care. But you can monitor your own blood sugar at home and with your appointments and adjust your diet accordingly, as others have said. And with that horrific experience you had with that glucose test, that's what I would do!

I'm glad that you are feeling better now.

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Same thing happened to me! It's the sugar. I have had it done in the past when checking for insulin resistance and I refused to do it while pregnant because I passed out. So instead they just had me to monitor my sugar levels with a meter an hour after I ate every meal and before breakfast. I then adjusted my diet as I sometimes was a little on the high side. No big deal. Ask if you can do the same. Hope you don't mind me lurking!!! Smile