30 week appt

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30 week appt

Well, good news is that baby is doing great! I'm measuring 33 weeks, so I'm sure baby is getting big in there! Bad news is that my GD is giving me grief. My fasting blood sugars have been high, so I have to start medication now to help control it. My sugars during the day are great and I've done really well controlling them with my diet. Unfortunately, the fasting sugar is one that I can't do much about...it's just my body being insulin resistant. So,I am now classified as high risk which means a lot of dr appts from here on out. I see my dr every 2 weeks, my GD nurse every 2 weeks, and now I have non-stress tests scheduled TWICE a week. I'm starting to feel like Gumby being pulled in all different directions. I really want to be excited about this pregnancy and enjoy it since its probably my last, but it's really feeling like a chore. I'm sorry to whine...just feeling kinda bummed about everything today.

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If you can't whine here where can you whine? It sounds like everything is good, but your dr. is trying to be cautious. That really does suck that you have so many appointments, and twice a week non-stress tests would be really hard. Has your Dr. said anything about inducing early or anything like that? Either we only have two months left. And since this is going to be my last as well I totally know what you mean about trying to enjoy it. Hope everything keeps looking good in there and that Madison is doing well. KUP on how your doing, even if it's on the whiny side. Smile

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I had to have NSTs twice a week with the twins. So time consuming!!! We are getting SO close though!!

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Thanks for the encouragement ladies. We are definitely getting so close! I know I can hang with all of this stuff for another 61 days! Lindsay, dr hasn't said anything yet about inducing early, but inknow she is keeping a close eye on the size of the baby. The good thing is that I've already had a 10lb baby, so she isn't as concerned if this baby is big because she knows I can do it. But, I'm sure if this baby is showing signs that she's gonna be that big they will probably induce a little early. It's kind of funny because at times I feel like this pregnancy is just going on forever, but then I realize how little time is actually left and I start to panic about everything I have left to do to get ready!

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Hope everything is going well!!! I'm sorry about the GD, but, hey, at least you get constant reassurance that all is well with the baby!

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That's true, Meg! And dr just told me today at they will induce at 39 weeks, so now I'm even closer to being done!

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