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5:30 a.m.

It is 5:30 a.m. MST and I am awake, eating a bowl of cereal and a glass of apple juice. No, this is not my most recent facebook status (although it is close) ... and I do share for a reason ....

I have to go back to work today. I took one school year off to stay with my son, decided to go back to work, then got pregnant Biggrin SO after a 14 month summer vacation ... I'm back in the land of the employed. To make it worse, today is just meetings for "new teachers" ... I won't even be in my classroom!

Am I excited?

The jury is still out :confused:

Wish me luck!!!

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Good luck today!

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Good luck! I was pg for a whole school year with my first and it was kind of neat. As the school year progressed so did my pg. I eneded up having her at the beginning at May and only missing three weeks of school. I hope you have some great kids and wonderful support from the administration. What do you teach?

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I hope I do too! Jace was born in March of his school year. Baby B will be too. It's a brand new school -- so I don't know how my new dept and admin will take it!!

I teach math -- Geometry and Algebra 2 in the HS.

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Good luck!!

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How is it going? What's the verdict on being back at work?

I must admit, so far there is no grading, and I'm kind of enjoying it.

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