AF going on 3 weeks late..

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AF going on 3 weeks late..

I am on my third week of no AF. I POAS at the end of the first week I was late, and it was negative. I was diagnosed with PCOS in March and the Dr. then put me on Metformin. About 3 weeks after starting the Metformin, I started what I thought was AF, although very light. It lasted for a week. Four weeks later, I started AF again, this time extremely heavy. It again lasted for a week. I decided not to do any OT, but I assume I wouldve Od the week after AF. So now that AF is almost 3 weeks late, I'm wondering what could be wrong, since it appears my last two AF's were 4 weeks apart like a normal cycle. I havent really been tempted to POAS anymore because I dont want to be disappointed and I dont want to waste any money on more PTs. Ive already been scheduled for 3 months to have an appointment with my Dr. for this Friday, to follow up on my Metformin, so I will definitely be letting him know of my problem. I just wanted to get anyone's opinion on what they think might be wrong.


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Well, isn't ovulation irregular with PCOS? I would assume you did not ovulate a week after your last AF and either O'd later or not yet