Andrew is here! Long birth story with pictures.

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Andrew is here! Long birth story with pictures.

Our little one arrived this past Friday night at 9:13pm and weighed 8bs, 9oz and was 20.5 inches long.

The Story:

I planned on a natural birth at a birth center which was owned by a hospital and located on the hospital grounds. Leading up to the birth I didn't really have any of the text book signs that labor was approaching (other than BH contractions that were getting more frequent and stronger, although always irregular). I never received a cervical check and so I wasn't sure if anything was going on down there, never lost a mucus plug, my bowels didn't start emptying, and my baby didn't drop which I've heard for a FTM usually happens 2-4 weeks before the birth.

Finally, this past Friday morning at 4:30am I got up for one of my usual every hour bathroom trips and there was a little blood when I wiped. My first thought was that it was the "bloody show" but after about 4-5 hours of nothing other than my usual irregular contractions, I started to wonder if maybe my cervix was just irritated again as it had been earlier in my pregnancy when I had spotting. My mother on the other hand was convinced otherwise and told me that I was most likely in early labor and she coaxed me to come to her house. I arrived at her house around noon and she told me that she wanted to start timing my contractions to see if there was any regularity. Sure enough we noticed that they were 10 minutes apart. Within about two hours my contractons moved to 5 minutes apart and the painless BH contractions that I was used to were now stopping me in my tracks and growing in intensity. We called the Birth Center at 2:30 and let them know we were going to head in as my contractions had now dropped to about 4 minutes apart. I arrived at the Birth Center around 3pm. The midwife checked me and I was 3cm and almost fully effaced. At this point my contractions were down to 2 mins apart and extremely painful. We tried many different positions to relieve the pain of the contractions, I got in the tub, my support team which consisted of my mother, sister-in-law, husband and midwife were massaging me and applying counter pressure, and I got on a birthing ball, but nothing even came close to providing any relief and the pain was now causing me to vomit. After 3 hours of this I was still only dilated to 5-6 cm and to top it all off my body was suddenly trying to push on its own which caused my water to break . The midwife told me that the baby was still high up and she had a feeling he was posterior. At this point I couldn't take it anymore and wanted to be transfered to the hospital for the epidural. I was feeling extremely defeated. Once I got to the hospital my labor started progressing more quickly and I dilated from 5-10 cm in about 2.5 hours. During that time, through every contraction, my body was trying to push and the doctors and midwife were coaching me to fight every urge which was practically impossible and agonizing. Once I reached 10cm I was extremely relieved to be able to push with my body. The baby was out after 18 mins of pushing. I must say the pushing, "ring of fire", etc. was nothing compared to the labor contractions.

In the end I'm glad I ended up making it through naturally and with a beautiful baby boy. I'm already forgetting how harrowing the whole ordeal was.

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wow! way to go, momma!!! i got teary-eyed reading your birth story because i can SO understand the pain and feeilngs you were dealing with. my labor progressed more quickly overall (probably because it was my second baby), so i really really admire you for finding a way to get through the contractions when it felt like progress was so slow. i'm so thankful that things moved quickly for you once you got past 5cm! but i'm sure it was incredibly intense!! isn't it funny how quickly the difficulty of the experience can diminish in our minds? i told DH several times during labor and the day after that i would never give birth again, but now i'm already thinking i could maybe do it again. Smile

he is such a beautiful baby! i hope your recovery and adjustment to life with a newborn are going well!

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Aw he looks so sweet sleeping. He's adorable! Congrats on your handsome LO and I'm glad you were able to do an all natural birth like you wanted!

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Congrats! What a big healthy boy! Nice job Mama!

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I'll have to come back to read the story, since I have a very whiny 17 months old at my side right now, but I wanted to say he looks just perfect! Congrats!

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That's a great birth story. I'm glad that it was a good experience in the end.

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Wow, Amy...18 minutes of pushing? That's awesome! I pushed for 2-1/2 hours with my first! You did awesome!! And your baby is totally adorable! Congrats!

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I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you planned, but it sounds like everything worked out in the end. Your little boy is adorable and I love the little baby hair. I think the pain of birth has to fade in our minds or no one would want another!

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Thanks, ladies! It's funny how mother nature works. During the entire labor and right after the birth I remember thinking to myself that I could never go through that again, and here I am 6 days out and already forgetting about the pain and intensity. I'll definitely have another as I want my little one to have a sibling.

Hopefully the next time around my experience will be a little less intense. Here's to hoping...

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Cute little guy! I'm curious, what changed your mind on the epidural after transferring to the hospital, just that you started progressing more quickly?

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"StarGazer78" wrote:

Cute little guy! I'm curious, what changed your mind on the epidural after transferring to the hospital, just that you started progressing more quickly?

Exactly. I never wanted the epidural, but while I was at the Birth Center my labor seemed to be progressing really slow. After 3 hours of contractions 1-2 minutes apart I couldn't bear the thought of the pain and intensity lasting for countless more hours. Once I got to the hospital and found out that things were picking up, I felt more positive and never thought about the epidural again.

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** Lurker **

What a cute little guy! Congrats!!

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I loved reading your story and so glad you made it naturally (me, not so much, lol). It's amazing how our bodies work and how quickly we forget the pain it took to get them here. He's really beautiful!