Any BTDT of going off Prog. Suppositories?

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Any BTDT of going off Prog. Suppositories?

So at my appt. the other day my doc said I could go off the progesterone suppositories. I did, and I am 2 days past my doc appt. Well I started having light spotting at about midnight last night. I have very mild cramping of course I FREAKED! I called my mom (who is a nurse at my docs office) and she said it's very normal to spot days after having a cervical exam. Of course my first thought was wondering if I went off the progesterone too soon. Anyone have any insight on this? I was looking online and many people have said you can spot and mildly cramp after going off of the prog.

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I'm not doing progesterone suppositories but I have been doing progesterone in oil that I've been applying twice daily since very early on. The md who runs the company I purchased it from emphasized for me to wean off of it and not to just stop it as it could cause m/c. I'm currently 18 1/2 weeks and am slowly cutting back as I've had four previous m/c in a row and haven't wanted to take any chances. I've been gradually reducing how much I apply. I read an article online from a fertility place where the dr. recommended continuing progesterone until 16 weeks.

Hoping you find the answers you need and that everything goes well!!

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Good morning!

I was totally going to ask this same question.

My doctor told me to get off it at 8 weeks b\c by then I should be making enough progesterone on my own since I am having twins (especially b\c I was on it for precaution, not for low progesterone). However, I was too scared to b\c it's my "safety net" if that makes sense. I called him and he said to "do what makes me feel better."

After much research, however, I think 11 weeks should be fine to get off of it. By then the placenta has almost completely taken over, so you should not need the progesterone to ensure increased blood supply. Most doctors have their patients off of it between 11-13 weeks. So I've decided to stay on it until 11 weeks just to feel better.

There is a debate, however, about "weaning off" versus "just stopping." It seems (again just pure Google research) that weaning off is typically used when the mother was on it for low progesterone and not just as routine precaution. As you noted, many say that spotting can be a side effect of stopping progesterone but not b\c of m\c or anything.

Good luck. I wish I had medical answers for you (and me). Call your doctor and confirm if you should wean off of it or if stopping cold turkey is OK.


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Thanks Ladies! Meg my doc told me at my appt. that I could stop (didn't say wean) because the placenta takes over at 10 weeks. However, I have enough to do one a day for another week so I think I will use them. I figure when I stop using those and if I don't have any spotting then I will chalk it up to being spotting from the pap. I had low progesterone, that is why I was on them. Thanks again! Smile