Anyone looked at the Chinese gender chart?

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Anyone looked at the Chinese gender chart?

Always fun to pass the time look at some fun, silly things like this Smile I looked at it for all 5 of my kids and it was right for 4 of them! Not bad odds, I suppose Smile It is saying girl for this one. Guess we shall see!

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The chart says I'm having a boy. Since I did this with my first two and it was wrong both times, does it really mean I'm having a girl???;)

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It was right for my first two and says this one will be a girl as well. Honestly, I'm hoping it's wrong! I would love a boy for this one!

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Its saying we're having a girl, but I could only go to 45, so don't know if it would change going up two years. We don't care what we have, handy for a girl as we have a lot of girly things, but a little boy would be awesome too!

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It was correct for my first but wrong for my 2nd.

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the calendar states it will be a girl.

we will see. :o)

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Posts: 1904 this one seems to say the opposite of what the one above says, but so far this one has been right for me, and all of my friends and family! So far we havent found one person IRL that it's been wrong for..

It says boy for me the next two months so we shall see, maybe fate wants me to have a girl next time so it's holding out a BFP for me for two more months haha


Ps. this is the cutest of all the chinese gender charts i've seen!!

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It was correct for Riley Smile

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It says girl 4 this one! That would be awesome after 2 boys. But it was wrong with my first!

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It has been correct for all 5 of my kiddos...both charts are actually. And it says GIRL on both charts; now I just have to be pregnant for that to happen. LOL. And I really want a girl, too...although I would obviously be happy for a healthy baby either way!

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It was right for DS, wrong for DD, and says this baby is a girl. I'm kinda thinking girl too, but DH is guessing boy. I can't wait to find out!