Anyone not counting down the days?

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Anyone not counting down the days?

Idk about anyone else but I really have completely lost track of how far along I am and how far I have to go. I just feel it is making it easier and faster that way. With DD I totally went over board with counting the days and when she went over due it seriously depressed me. This time I have chosen to ignore how far I am and how far I have to go and I am finding that time is passing much faster and smoother. Also helps that I have a little one to chase after and a million things going on in the right now to worry to much about March.

Just wanted to know if there was anyone else who really isn't counting. Does it mean I'm not excited? In all honesty I think I am more worried than excited.

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same here! with DS1 i could tell you to the day how far along i was, and now i have to look at my ticker to even remember how many weeks i am! it's going by way faster this time, and i want to drag out this pregnancy as long as possible. i know it is going to be a tough transition for all of us, and honestly, it's just easier to have this baby in my belly. Smile of course i'm so excited to meet her face-to-face, but i'm also dreading some aspects of the newborn phase (sleepless nights, recovering from childbirth, etc.). and DS is just so fun and delightful right now! i am soaking up every moment i have left just the two of us, because i know it won't be the same the again.

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I'm totally with you, I haven't really been keeping very good track of how far along I am. That may be why I haven't really bought anything for the baby yet, either. I'm afraid it will creep up on me and I won't be prepared! I don't think I'm a very normal first-time mom in that respect. We have also been looking for and trying to close on a house over the last month, so that has taken most of my time and I've had enough to stress about to not worry too much about my pregnancy. I hope to get settled into the house and then get prepared for the little one pretty soon.

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I know in weeks but only for convenience sake. I have been saying that I was pregnant for 10 years with my first, 10 minutes with my second, and 10 seconds with my third. I can't believe I am 25 weeks already. Crazy.

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I have fb remind me once a week how far I am. It told me that I am 26 weeks. Which isn't quite right since they changed my due date. I must subtract 4 weeks, which makes 22 weeks and I am having a c-section at 38 or 39 weeks so I have 16-17 more weeks to go and in my mind that is still too far away to get too excited about, plus I hate doing the math all the time.

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"waitingimpatiently614" wrote:

it's just easier to have this baby in my belly. Smile

I second that! Hubby and I have so many concerns about the logistics of bringing a baby home, that it is easier for us right now to just keep her there in my belly! We live with my dad who has medical issues, he's a handful all by himself. Add in my dad's dog (who we keeps him company, but also had killed my cat last year when we first brought her into our home) and we have real worries about how everything is going to work out.

Personally, I think it won't be too much of an issue for a newborn, but as the baby gets bigger we will have to keep her in a very limited part of the house. Hubby wants to get rid of the dog just to be on the safe side, but even if we do that, we still can't have the baby around my dad--I find his medications all of the time dropped on the floor, he squooshes things under his remote control recliner, and stuff like that. I'm going to try out babywearing just because of him!

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I usually know "about" the week I am, but if I don't come on here and look at my counter, I'm not quite sure. With #1 i could tell you to the day! Just shows how much busier you get when you already have kids.

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Sometimes if people ask how far along I am, I just say "I'm due March 1st". Right now, it definitely is much easier with Finn still in my belly. My last 2 babes were nearly 2 weeks past their due date so I am pretty sure I have a good long time yet Smile