Anyone thinking of Gender Reveal ideas?

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Anyone thinking of Gender Reveal ideas?

My big ultrasound is on Nov 21st, so our plan is to reveal the gender (as long as baby shows the goods! Wink ) on Thanksgiving. I wanted to do something different, and came up with doing a "treasure hunt". I'll leave clues and riddles that they have to follow, with the end reveal probably being the Ultrasound on Pink or Blue paper behind a picture on the wall of the kids. I'll have some easy clues so my 3.5 year old can play too, and some tough ones. I'm super excited! I think it will be a fun way to draw out the suspense of the reveal! I'll video tape at least the reaction and reveal, and probably post that on FB for everyone else!

What are everyone else's ideas? I'm so excited that we're getting close enough to start finding out the genders and thinking of this stuff!

ETA: Whoops, this was supposed to be in April, but I'll leave it because I love to hear gender reveal ideas! Smile

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I'm team green so our gender reveal will be super dramatic since it's the day the baby is born. Smile Your idea sounds so cute!