Anything new or helpful this cycle?

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Anything new or helpful this cycle?

Is anyone doing anything new, or continuing something useful, in order to get pregnant this cycle??

I'm just taking my Pre-N's, vit b complex, some green tea, Opks, and Preseed.

Wondering what else might help! I'll take every bit of help I can get hehe Smile

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"not trying" is what has worked for us in the past, so i have nothing useful for you. lol

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Just doing OPK's and hopefully some well timed BD'ing over here. If I miss O, I think I'd have a 2nd chance at the end of the month.

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"daria" wrote:

Just doing OPK's and hopefully some well timed BD'ing over here. If I miss O, I think I'd have a 2nd chance at the end of the month.

I think I might get a second chance this month too if I miss O! I'd be due the very end of march for the 2nd chance, but being that DS was so late I'd probably deliver in April hehe

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Were starting IUI with injectables but I'm not sure what month it would put me due in. I should get my calendar next week and know more. I'm thinking sometime mid-March. My birthday and our anniversary are also in March.

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Same old stuff here.
We've been trying Vitex, EPO, B12, B6, Vitamin C & prenatal for the past 2 cycles, so I'll continue that for the next cycle coming up. Also, more BDing Wink

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Hi everyone....guess it's onto March for me....

I am going to add Mucinex and Preseed this cycle, oh and just BD every other day staying around CD 10.....along with my Pre-Nat, baby aspirin, OPKs. Still debating if I want to tempt this cycle or not!

Good luck everyone! I love birthday and anniversary fall in March!!!

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I will be taking Metformin & Clomid this month. Hopefully my side effects won't be too awful!

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I agree with the pp, when I wasn't really trying I got pregnant very easily and on the first try. Now that I'm trying very hard it's not

I bought Maca, Royal Jelly and Vitex to try but maybe I should hold off and "not try" again and see what happens! Biggrin

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The first time me and Kevin ever...... ya know... got pregnant! And DEFINATELY was not trying haha!! I'm just like whats the odds... the first time ever and get pregnant right away? I feel like it was just meant to be, the first time in my life I didnt even THINK about pregnancy or even notice my period was late or anything, so I have no idea how many DPO I was or any early symptoms. It was Xmas time and I guess I was just in the "honeymoon" period that I was blind to it! (I had been in a relationship before Kevin, and he had been married before, and neither of us had any previous kids/pregnancies)

Sooo.. Now I feel that my "luck" I'll actually WANT to try and not be able to! But trying to tell myself that if its meant to be it will be.

My BFF went in for her regular appt today and the doc gave her a suprise little sneak peak ultrasound (her 'big' one isnt until the 15th) and........... so far... it looks like a girl!! Shes PRAYINGGG for a boy, because they already have a girl.. hehe... BUT our chinese gender chart we always use, says girl... and so far every single family and friend that we have that's used this chart it hasnt been wrong yet!!

So... We've kinda joked that she'll probably only have girls and me only have boys... and last month was my first cycle TTC and gender said girl.. these next two are boy so im hoping that increases my chances hahah :):)