appointment today...

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appointment today...

i was dreading the post-thanksgiving weigh-in at my appointment today, and sure enough, i had gained 8 pounds in the last four weeks. that brings me up to about 28 pounds of total weight gain so far, and i had to listen to a little lecture from my midwife about how gaining too much weight during pregnancy is hard on my body. Sad i'm definitely on track to gain 50 pounds like i did during my first pregnancy, maybe more. sigh. all i know to do is try to be more consistent about taking vigorous walks every day. i didn't exercise at all this past week while we were out of town visiting family. i try to fill up on healthy things like veggies and salad, and i rarely eat sweets since they make me nauseated. cheese and french fries are really my only vices, so i can try to reduce those. i'm not sure what else to do! i hate the dumb scale.

in better news, i passed my glucose test! i had to focus really hard on not vomiting after drinking the nasty juice, and baby was kicking around like crazy during my appointment due to all the sugar. my blood pressure and everything else was good and healthy. can't believe by my next appointment, i'll be almost 30 weeks!

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Congrats on the glucose!!!

As for the weight, did you tell her you are doing almost everything you can? Maybe she can help you find a way to "make" a food plan which prevents rapid gain? Clearly, you're not doing it on purpose!

Good luck. KUP!

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I feel you on the weight gain. I gained seven last month and had gained a total of 20lbs as of Monday of this week. It's hard for me also to understand how the pounds are racking up so quickly as I have a pretty healthy diet and don't eat much in terms of sweets, fried foods, etc. I have my next official weigh-in next Tuesday at which time I'll also have my glucose test. Hoping all goes well with that.

Anyway, sounds like you had a GREAT appointment otherwise and so that's always exciting!

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As of my last appt. I had gained a total of 2 1/2 pounds. I have a feeling at my next one I will have a few pound gain. Smile

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Jen, 2 and a half, that's all?? Wow, you just made us all jealous! Biggrin

I don't think I'm eating all that much, but as of my last visit I was up 20 lbs so I'm not looking forward to my weigh-in next week :confused:

And all of those people who say that when you are overweight to begin with you probably won't gain as much LIED! lol