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Appointment Today

Had my 40week appointment today! Haven't gained any weight in a couple weeks now, BP and all look good. I am no more dilated and Finn is not engaged in my pelvis. I just know how to make a nice, cozy baby home and he doesn't want to leave Smile Next week I go for a biophysical profile and NST and she's giving me to next Friday to go on my own. I'll be pretty over due at that point Smile

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sounds like everything is healthy and baby is happy! Smile have you been induced before, or do you always eventually go on your own?

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Wow!! Great oven you got there! Can't wait to meet Finn. KUP!

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Next week is going to be a baby boom for sure. I hope your doing well and not to miserable in this last week!

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Glad to hear everything is looking good. Sending positive thoughts that things start to happen naturally!!

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I am with you Heidi! My babies like to stay up high and comfy. Smile

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Same here! This little one seems very happy where she is, nice and high. Glad to see everything went well and hope to read about some action pretty soon! Biggrin