Appointment Today and Its a ..... [xp]

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Appointment Today and Its a ..... [xp]

I had a cervical check today, but they went ahead and checked everything!!

Both babies looked fabulous! They both were measuring right on time (if not a little ahead). My uterus is measuring 20 weeks, but I still look small!

To the important part!!!! One baby would not cooperate - had his\her legs cross and hand over the genitals (I think its a boy).

But the other is


We're 80% sure that she is a girl anyway (clearly looked like a girl part to the US tech and me), but they're waiting until the 20 week anatomy scan to confirm. I'm just REALLY excited I'm going to (most likely) get my girl! :yahoo::yahoo:

DH thinks that the other is a girl as well, so we may have two girls. I do hope he gets his boy though!!

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Sounds like you had an amazingly wonderful appt today! Congrats on your girl!!! I can't wait to find out what your other baby is!!!

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Wahooo! I had my ultrasound today too, but got the opposite results! So happy for you. :). And me too!

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Very exciting! Did they give you any indication if they were identical or fraternal? Mine were identical and had one HUGE placenta they Smile

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YAY!!!!! How exciting!!!

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Sooooo excited for you!!!

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Yay!!! Congratulations, Meg!!! So excited for you!!!