Appointment today-Should I ask the doc?

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Appointment today-Should I ask the doc?

Should I ask the doctor if it is possible to have a slow leak of amniotic fluid even with full placenta previa, because it honestly seems like I may be leaking but you would think the placenta would be preventing it from getting threw. I am pretty certain it is not urine, and (TMI) it does smell a bit like when my water broke with DD. Any idea if this is even possible or if I should just tell them that I may have a UTI? All suggestions welcome.

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if you even think there is any possible way it might be amniotic fluid, I'd ask them about the possibility. They can usually test to see and you'll have a clear head about it all.

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You can definitely still have a leak even if you have placenta previa. The test to see if it is fluid vs. urine is super simple and takes no time!

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When in doubt DEFINITELY mention it! KUP!

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I asked and they assured me that I would have alot more bleeding if my water broke. Thanks everyone.

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Glad it wasn't anything bad. Did they say what it could be?

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