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Appt today

Had a good appt. today. Next week I get "checked" for the first time!! I'm not crossing my fingers, but it would be nice to be dialated! My dr. Told me to start drinking red raspberry tea because it helps with ripening the cervix, as well as taking evening primrose oil.'s to getting my body ready for the big day! I can't believe I'm at this point! Smile

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SO exciting! I have been drinking the raspberry leaf tea...I've read it also helps tone the muscles of the uterus for more effective contractions, etc... Glad it was a good appointment and hopefully these last couple weeks go by quickly for you. Smile

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I can't believe that we are getting so close! After tomorrow we are in our last month of pregnancy! Horray, can't wait for pics and birth stories!

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** Lurker** I am so excited for you!!!