Avril and Taylor are here!!

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Avril and Taylor are here!!

Babies were born at 8:03 and 8:04 pm by c-section on 3/5/12 after 23 hours of labor. I developed chorioamnionitis after Taylor's waters were broken. Babies were in NICU for 12 hrs just as precaution for infection. They are now with us. I will update in detail later, but in the end we are SO lucky to have gone to c-section (particularly for Avril's safety).

They are beautiful and healthy. Taylor ("A") was 6lbs2oz and 19 in, and Avril ("B") was 5lbs9oz and 18 5/8 in. Feeding wonderfully.

So in love...will post better pics as soon as I get home later tonight!

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Congratulations, Meg!!! SO SO excited and happy for you. Your girls are beautiful!

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They are so beautiful! Congratulations!

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they are SO beautiful!! congratulations! i'm so glad they are both healthy and doing well. i hope your recovery is quick and as easy as possible. your arms are full, but i'm sure your heart is even fuller! Biggrin

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So SO SO SO SO SOOOO cute!! They look so big by themselves -- and so itty bitty in your arms. Congrats! Can't wait to see more Smile

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Oh, Meg! They are gorgeous! Congratulations on your precious baby girls and I wish you a super speedy recovery!

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YAY!!!!!! A huge Congrats to you!!!

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They are adorable!!! Congrats Smile

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Welcome to the world Avril and Taylor! I am so so so excited for you! Beautiful momma and beautiful babies! Congrats!

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Congrats!! They are beautiful! So glad everything went well!

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What a happy momma!

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Congrats!! They look so cute!!

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Yay! Congratulations, Meg!!!

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*Lurker from April* They are precious! Chorio is no joke. I developed it with my first DD (however my water was not broken), and she contracted it from me. She spent a week in NICU. I am very very happy you have two beautiful healthy babies!

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Your girls are beautiful. Congrats on your twins!

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Those are gorgeous baby girls you have there!! Congratulations!

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:lurk: They are so beautiful! Grats!

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*lurker/stalker* YAY! So excited for you!! They are so cute!!!

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Congratulations! Absolutely beautiful!!!