baby dropped already?

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baby dropped already?

I'm 31 weeks along now, and in the last week, I'm convinced this baby girl has dropped down at least partway into my pelvis. I distinctly remember this happening during my first pregnancy, too, but it wasn't until 37 weeks. I've talked to some other moms who've said they felt their babies drop earlier with 2nd and 3rd pregnancies because the muscles to hold everything up just aren't strong and tight like they are the first time, so as baby gets heavier, gravity kind of takes over. Makes sense, and I'm not worried about her coming early, but I don't know how I'll waddle around like this for another 8 weeks! I'm feeling lots of pressure down there and I have to pee literally every hour or more. Plus, the whole appearance of my belly has changed...used to be high and wide up under my boobs and now the bulge starts way low and overall, I look smaller. Weird!

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Hmmm interesting! I guess you could have dropped but I didn't think it happened this early. Hopefully you won't have too much discomfort.

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With my DD2, she dropped real early. I remember my OB trying to find where her head was because she was so far down. I was about 7 months at that time and she told me to take things easy if I didn't want her to come out early!

She made her appearance 2 1/2 weeks early! Ha but she was ready!

I remember how uncomfortable it was but I could breath easier for the most part (whereas DD1 liked staying in my ribs!)

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I have definitely dropped and feel the pressure down below. I'm not sure which feeling I like better, LOL. Before she was so high that it was really hard to feel like I was getting enough air. Now she's lower and although I can breathe a little easier, I have to pee constantly. I'm not kidding, last night I peed at least 10 times during the night. Aye yi yi! I feel movement against the sides of my hips, too, so I'm not sure if that means she's hanging out down there. If she comes a little early, I'll be happy. Just not on February 29th. Wink

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Even though I have delivered both girls on their due dates, via c-section, I don't think either one had dropped. The only pelvic pain I have had is the stretching muscles kind of thing. I think I remember one of the ladies on my other board had her LO "drop" and then come back up. I remember thinking it was weird, but she was much happier once the head wasn't in her pelvis!

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"lmh101979" wrote:

I think I remember one of the ladies on my other board had her LO "drop" and then come back up. I remember thinking it was weird, but she was much happier once the head wasn't in her pelvis!

oooh, maybe she will drift back up! that would be nice. the constant peeing is driving me a little crazy. and i also can't cough or sneeze without leaking now, which is new. guess i should've been doing those kegels. Smile

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My second and now third both dropped earlier than my first. I think this little guy just dropped this week. I'm wondering about him coming early too, but who knows? My second even though he dropped at like 35 weeks didn't come till 39 weeks. So you never know. Smile

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I don't know if baby dropped, but it is sitting in a new position. I can breath easier (I pee more) but there is minamal discomfort. I had to feel around my belly to make sure baby was still there. (I know that sounds weird) But I feel very different. Even my DH says my stomach looks way differant. this happened on Saturday.

How do you know if baby dropped? when is it supposed to happen? This is our first, so very new to me...