Baby Mason has finally arrived! Long, long story...

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Baby Mason has finally arrived! Long, long story...

He's finally here and we are so in love. Here's the story. I was scheduled to go to the hospital at 9 pm on Wed to start the Cervadil. As of my dr. appt on Monday morning, I was dilated about 1 cm and baby hadn't dropped yet. Was a little discouraged by that but anxious to get things rolling. I woke up on Wed morning with fairly consistent contractions that got a little more intense as the day went on. Got a little concerned because I had some bright red spotting so we called the doctor and he said to just go into the hospital a little early.

Got to the hospital and they noticed that baby's heart was decelerating with a few contractions so they decided to just go ahead and admit and monitor me until 9, when they would check my cervix to see if it was progressing or if I would need the Cervadil. I was at 1 and 80% effaced at 9:00, so they put the cervadil on and left me until morning. I had contractions through the night, although they weren't very strong and they checked me again at 630 am. I was 3 cm, still 80% effaced, and baby was at -1 station, so we started the Pitocin to get things going more. Baby's heart was still decelerating but they were struggling with getting them to consistently show up on the monitors and I was definitely having contractions (mostly back labor) but NONE of them were showing up on the monitors. So they couldn't really tell how baby was reacting to the contractions. They stopped the Pitocin and the doc came in at about 8:30 to break my water so that they could do internal monitors and make sure baby was doing okay. When he broke my water, there was a ton of meconium in the fluid. So with the internal monitors in, they started seeing that baby wasn't doing very well. His heart rate was dropping pretty low and then somewhat recovering and then dropping again. The doc was pretty concerned but gave us the option of continuing labor for a bit to see if he would be able to cope. I was still only at a 3 and 80% effaced so we knew that we most likely still had hours and hours of labor on our hands. Both DH and I felt pretty concerned since baby wasn't tolerating labor well (even without Pitocin) and we knew that he would just get more and more tired as the labor progressed. Pretty soon we had a few doctors and a few nurses in the room very intently staring at the monitor. So DH and I decided to head to the operating room for a C-Section. I was disappointed (especially since this was my first baby) and really scared, but just felt like that was what our baby needed.

And I am SO glad that we made that decision. We got all ready, I got my spinal, and began the C-Section. They had told us earlier that they were hoping that he didn't cry right away so that he wouldn't suck more meconium into his lungs. They had a respiratory therapist right there, ready to take the baby and suction out his lungs. So when he came out and wasn't crying, I wasn't concerned at first. And then the minutes seemed like hours. They suctioned out his lungs but couldn't get him to take a breath or cry. His Apgar at 1 minute was 1, just because his heart was beating, but very slowly. They called a code and within a few seconds, the room was filled with doctors and nurses and we couldn't even see him. I, of course, started to freak out when I didn't hear a cry and the doctors and nurses all got more tense. And came. It was just a little whimper of a cry, but it was something to give us hope. They finally got him breathing and he got some more color and tone. He was already up to an Apgar of 7 by his 5 minute mark. I got to see him for a few seconds and then they whisked him off to the NICU.

He has had a few issues and is still in the NICU tonight but he's doing so much better and just keeps improving. He had a ton of thick meconium and fluid in his lungs that he's still trying to clear out. He was also deprived of oxygen (maybe because of the labor stress, maybe because of a worn out placenta) so he was sending the oxygenated blood and blood sugars to his more vital organs and not to his gut and other not-as-vital organs. At least that's what we think we understood. Smile So that's one reason why he couldn't eat until just this evening. The other reason was that his respirations were too fast so they were worried about him aspirating. He's still working on getting those more consistent as well. He was on oxygen, but they were able to wean him off this evening. We were able to try nursing for the first time tonight and he has a great latch! He was able to keep his breathing pretty consistent during nursing as well so that is really reassuring. He's already so good at self-soothing and is pretty tolerant of all of the tubes and monitors that he is hooked up to. He is such an angel and we are sooooooo lucky to have him. Oh yeah, did I mention handsome?

Stats: Born at 9:20 am on 3/29/12. 7 lbs 9 oz. 21 1/2 long. Looks just like his daddy. We love him!!

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What a scary birth story! I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you planned for, but it definitely looks like you made the best decision for Mason. He is such a cutie! I hope you get to take him home soon! Mason is a great name. Are you recovering ok? Thanks for sharing your story.

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Wow! What a stressful situation, but it sounds like you and your DH handled it really well and made informed decisions for your little guy. I can't imagine the anxiety of waiting for that first cry. I'm sure it makes you treasure him and his precious life even more intensely. He is so handsome! Smile I hope he continues to improve and is off the tubes and monitors soon. That's great that he is breastfeeding well for you! Keep us posted on how both of you are doing as you recover.

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Thanks girls! Mason's update is a positive one! They were still concerned about his respirations still being too high for me to breastfeed him, but he got SO hungry this morning that I couldn't stand it anymore so we went for it. He has had 3-4 really good feedings and the breathing/heart rate hasn't even been an issue! He has totally stabilized since starting to feed and we are so happy. They have been weaning him off of his IV all day today and he only needs one more good feeding to take it completely off. So, once that happens and he gets his antibiotics in the morning, he should be able to come out of the NICU and be with us. Smile I am one proud and happy momma. He is such a good baby too. I'm recovering well too. Not taking very many meds and feeling pretty good. DH will have to give me a shot in my belly every day for the next 6 weeks with blood thinners but that's not too bad. I haven't kept up very well on this board but I hope all of the other Lucky Ducks are doing well!

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Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry things were so traumatic for your first birth experience. Thank heavens your little sweetie is doing well and a huge welcome to mommyhood to you! Smile

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Glad to hear Mason and you are doing well! That is quite a story!