Baby pushing on cervix....

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Baby pushing on cervix....

For a few weeks now I have been feeling what I have thought to be little one pushing on my cervix. It's like a pin needle poking me sensation up there. Sometimes it's barely noticable, sometimes, I have to squat to eliviate the discomfort, sometimes it takes the breath right out of me and sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night. I am having this "pain" (Its more uncomfortable than painful) quite a few times a day. Sometimes it is accompanied by the tightening of my belly soemtimes it isn't.

Is this normal? and is it in fact just baby pressing on my cervix??

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I get the occasional sharp pain (almost like a stinging) which sounds like something similar to what you are experiencing. It's usually when my bladder starts to fill up and so there is more pressure.

Do you know if your baby has dropped yet? I was going to start a thread to ask people if they know whether their little ones have dropped. As of my appt this past Monday the baby hadn't dropped (I was 36 weeks, 4 days at the appt). One of the midwives told me it would feel almost like a bowling ball between my legs.

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i get that same sensation and i do associate it with baby head-butting my cervix, although i guess i can't know for sure. but that's what it feels like! and i feel it along with her moving in a certain way...a slow stretching out movement of her whole body, like she is trying to create more space for herself. i've started talking to her about how spacious the world is out here, and she is welcome to join us any time if it's getting too cramped in there for her! Smile

as for baby dropping, i'm not sure. with DS1 it happened very obviously...i woke up one morning around 38 weeks and my belly looked way different, i could breathe much easier, i wasn't feeling his kicks up under my ribs anymore, i had to pee all the time, and i had the bowling ball between the legs feeling. this time, she seemed like she "dropped" a few weeks ago, but i think it was just her changing positions...not actually dropping lower. and i'm still not sure if she's officially dropped, although it seems like my belly looks lower this week and i definitely have to pee more often. because it's my second pregnancy, i've had the "bowling ball about to fall out of my crotch" feeling for a couple months now, because i think my pelvic floor muscles were already stretched out.

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baby has dropped, and moved back up and dropped again and moved back up....Then goes sideways and REALLY stretches out my belly (My sister thinks it looks painful LOL). I definitely waddle now though.

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"waitingimpatiently614" wrote:

i've started talking to her about how spacious the world is out here, and she is welcome to join us any time if it's getting too cramped in there for her! Smile

You're hilarious!

I don't think the baby dropped yet for me, although one day this week it felt like I had a lot of pressure pushing down on my cervix. But the next day everything felt normal again.