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Back - with a question

Hey ladies...I'm back from back-to-back vacations...before you "wish you were me", they were so much more work than a vacation! :rolleyes:

Anyway, after DH having a schedule that has had him working every wknd and home after 10pm every night, his schedule has changed a bit...we now get him home a couple times a week around 6:00! Yahoo I have to start cooking again! :eek: What are you ladies cooking for dinner these days? Maybe we can start a "what's for dinner" thread; get some ideas flowing...

As a starter, I just made Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies....I know, not dinner but they are amazing!! ROFL

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This is really bad but I am admitting in public I'm not doing that much cooking these days, especially for dinner. Usually it is just me and the kiddos for dinner so I don't put much effort into it. Last night I made been and cheese quesadillas with some sweet potatoes mixed in for some veggies. Night before last was spaghetti and meatballs since my mom was watching the kiddos.

I too would love to get back to cooking! It is one of my favorite "hobbies". We should also start a freezer meals thread for when the babies start coming!

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I also have not been real excited (most tired) about making dinner either.

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My sweet husband has been doing most of the cooking!! Any night I can convince him to go out and eat is that much better too! Smile I browned up some raw burger the other day and could smell it for hours later. YUCK. Tonight we are having Huevos Rancheros.

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cooking makes me gag these days. Sad we've been doing a lot of take out. but i normally love to cook! hopefully i'll get back to it in the 2nd trimester. i have been forcing myself to plan and cook 2 meals a week, so that we won't go totally broke eating out, but it's super simple things like spaghetti or tacos.

red velvet brownies??? sounds SO good!!! did you find the recipe online, and if so can you give a link? sweets aren't settling well with me these days, but in a few weeks i'm sure i'll be back to baking. i used to bake something (cookies, bread, muffins, etc.) almost every day during DS's nap.

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I'm not enjoying cook much these days.....who am I kidding?! I never enjoy
Tonight I'm making Pork tenderloin stuffed with parmesean cheese and sundried tomatoes. We'll probably have rice and some kind of veggie with it

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food is bland for me right now too, which sucks because I love to cook and I love cooking with fresh spices. Luckily my two nephews are visiting and they like simple bland food too.

It's been spaghetti noodles (whole wheat or flax and omega 3) with a little butter and parsley and steamed broccoli. Lots of fruits and veggies (either steamed or raw). Other than that, it won't stay down. Tried pork chops the other night... no good. My tummy rejected them Sad

Hubby made homemade pizza the other night and we usually spice the dough. Well - that didn't go over too well with my tummy. I couldn't stand the smell of it, and I love our homemade pizza. Hopefully this goes away soon and I can start to enjoy the "cravings of pregnancy".

Your red velvet brownies though sound intriguing... please share the recipe...

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Cooking has been making me feel sick lately...ugh Sad So Jason either cooks or I make something simple. Last night we had one of our favorites: meatless tacos. Easy, fast, and actually didn't make me want to puke!

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"Sassy112704" wrote:

I also have not been real excited (most tired) about making dinner either.

Me too! I've been so tired that we have been eating a lot of premade pizzas and mac n cheese.