belly sleeping

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belly sleeping

I know since I'm a third timer I should probably know this already...

Is it still safe to sleep on our bellies? I definitely have a little bump going on but with my nausea sleeping on my stomach is the only way I can sleep. It doesn't hurt or anything and I'm guessing my body will tell me when to stop. Any suggestions??? Oh I do have a sleep number bed and I have it set pretty low so it is squishy and not firm like usual.

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I'm a belly sleeper too and I'm not gonna stop until I physically can't anymore! I'm just not as comfortable sleeping on my side and definitely not comfortable on my back. I'm pretty sure it's fine and I think you're right...your body will probably tell you when it's time to stop.

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I agree with the pp it is ok until it is not comfortable anymore. So sleep away!!

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I slept on my belly almost to term with DD but with this one I have been flopping back and forth between my back and belly.

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I agree. I'm pretty sure it's safe and your body will let you know when you can't anymore. Smile