Belly Thread Week of 11/14

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Belly Thread Week of 11/14

Yes I know I have forgotten to start one of these, but now we will all have more to show! Let's seem those bumps ladies, bonus points for belly buttons since they have been such a hot topic this week! Smile

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I have an innie so no exciting belly button shots for me. Smile

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Still an innie for me too! Here's the bump. I look exhausted but I'm really not doing bad. Smile

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The site maintenance totally threw me this week. Also was having some computer issues. I'll catch up on monday.
Jen and Jess your bellies look great!

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Was it all the turkey????



My ribs and back are starting to KILL many more weeks?

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My ribs are killing me too (only on my right side though). All day long. ugh!

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I am with you ladies! If I sit too long I get pain in my ribs on the right side. Hang in there! Smile