Bending Over

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Bending Over

Ok I know this is a strange question, but I was a bit overweight to begin with, this is my first pregnancy so I'm just starting to feel a little more pudge on my stomach. But now when I bend over, it feels strange, like I'm squooshing the baby. I know when you get bigger you have to bend differently because your stomach is in the way, but you can't actually harm the little bean just by bending over, can you? It just feels like I am!

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i don't think you can harm the baby, but i know what you mean. i am already having to do this weird maneuver to get my undies on in the morning where i sorta bend each leg sideways to get them in the leg holes instead of bending over at the waist like i used to. Smile it only gets more comical toward the end when my belly gets really big and i carry all out front. putting on socks and shoes, picking anything up off the floor, etc. all become nearly impossible!

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Since my belly has been coming in I have been having this problem too. I can't get up from the couch or bed lying down unless I roll (LOL) and sitting, I have to sit different too. Not used to it. I've been very small and flexible for the last 10 years so losing that is strange (not bad, just have to get used to) one of my girlsfriends laughed at me at the gym. She said she didn't feel bad for me, now I was like the rest of them (I almost fell off my chair laughing so hard (her husbands nickname for me is fatty and chubs).

Putting on shoes is hard, but I have been getting my hubby to do it for me (one of those small luxeries I have been par taking in even if it's a bit early too). SmileSmile

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I have to bend over sideways. It's not pretty.