Big U/S appt

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Big U/S appt

We are team green so no big gender announcement, but everything looked great and the tech kept saying how perfect everything was. The even better news was that I have only gained 10 pounds so far which is awesome for me and hopefully I can keep this pace. All in all it was a great appt! Here is a pic of Fin.

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yay for a great ultrasound! and what an adorable photo! my lil one was sucking her thumb during the ultrasound, too. so cute. Smile

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Adorable!! So happy that everything looks so perfect. Smile

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Awe too cute! We had our u/s today. It went very good. Heart beat at 143 Smile The tech looked a little surprised that we didn't want to know the sex, but I noticed babies legs were crossed, so I don't think it wanted us to know either Smile We go see the Dr tomorrow.

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Glad it all went well! Looks like we've got a few little thumb suckers on this board! So cute!

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That thumb sucking pic is adorable!!