birth photographer?

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birth photographer?

can't remember if we've already discussed this, so sorry if i'm being redundant. but is anyone considering hiring a photographer to be at the birth? there is a really good chance this could be my last pregnancy/birth, and i know i would treasure the photos forever. i've been looking at birth photography slideshows online and getting all teary-eyed thinking about what an amazing experience it will be. i feel like i have emotional memories of how i "felt" at different moments during DS1's birth, but i don't have any clear visual memories or images in my how he looked the first time i saw him, etc. it's all kind of a blur. DH took a few photos but not until about 30-45 minutes after delivery (which was appropriate since we were both just focused on staring and snuggling with our new little one up to that point).

but my hesitations about hiring someone are: 1. i don't know if i would feel comfortable having someone i hardly know in the room...i'm a pretty private person. 2. i don't know if i want to pay for it since photographers are expensive here, and i might rather save my money for a newborn photo shoot at home when she is a few days old, and 3. it might be stressful trying to figure out when to call the photographer and tell her to come to the hospital...what if we don't get there til the last second or what if we think we're close to delivering and then things stall out for whatever reason?

i wish i had a close friend or family member who was good at photography and would want to document the birth for us, but i just don't. DH's mom is flying in before my due date to hopefully be here when baby arrives, but she will be staying home to take care of DS1, so it will just be DH and me in the room. any thoughts?

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I get emotional when I look at those slide shows too, they are beautiful and capture an amazing moment for those families.

That said, I want this babies birth to be an intimate moment with DH, me and baby. Possibly for other births, but not this one. If you do though, would love to see the slide show. (I'm such a sap for them - especially natural births).

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A lady on my march 2010 bb's husband is a photographer and her newborn pics are amazing. I'll ask her to post a link here so you can see his work. Having said that since I'm having a c, this is a non-issue for me. I have zero desire to see what goes on behind the curtain. My DH takes pics of the first time I see the baby and then tons of pics for when the baby goes and gets all cleaned up. He even makes a little video to come back and show me how the baby is doing. Usually by then I am all stitched up and in recovery and they bring me the actual baby so I feel it's well documented. I know what you mean about just wanting you and DH to just sit and stare at the baby for a while. I think it would be a good idea to just call a photographer and ask what they usually do. I'm sure they are used to the scenario around giving birth and have at least a guideline of what to do. The newborn pics that my bb's husband took are amazing. I have shown them to my DH and told him to be more arty this time. Smile He didn't think that was funny.

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Here is the link to her pics. I just love love love them!! If they didn't live so far away I would totally have him take some for me as well!

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*lurking from April* My husband and I own a photography business. A few tips I would suggest: look for new photographers wanting to add to their portfolios. They'll be much cheaper, and usually have more free time. Also, ask the hospital if they use anyone. Sometimes the person that offers newborn pictures in the hospital also offers to take them at the delivery.

As far as comfort, work out a package deal where you do one or two maternity sessions before hand, the delivery, and newborn pictures. It will save you money and you will get to know them a little better before they're all up in your business in the delivery room. Being in a strangers room during this time is very awkward for the photographer too, so it makes it easier for everyone. Discuss things before hand such as what happens if they're busy and you go into labor, and what happens if you have a false alarm. They should have a back up in case they are busy, and should be fine with a false call or two. Talk about what you want and don't want in the pictures (most people want flattering angles that don't show private parts, but a new photographer might not know this so point it out to be safe). Make sure you also talk about what to do if something goes wrong (c-section, long or difficult labor, or if you just decide not to have them in the room after all).