Birth story and lots of pics!

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Birth story and lots of pics!

We arrived at the hospital on Sunday, February 26th at 7:45am for my scheduled induction. I was so nervous and so excited at the same time. This pregnancy had been so hard with all of the additional monitoring from the gestational diabetes, so many dr appts and ultrasounds...I was definitely ready to meet my little girl. We were admitted to labor and delivery at about 8:45 and got things started. I was 4cm and 75% so I was pretty confident that the induction would go pretty quickly.

Pitocin was started at around 10am...but very very slowly. There was only 1 OB anesthesiologist working that day and he was called in to an emergency surgery that was expected to last several hours. So, they didn't want to really get my labor going and have no way for me to get my epidural, which meant a whole lot of sit around and wait. Finally at about 4pm the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. He had to remove it and try again because it wasn't going in right...OUCH! And guess what? The darn thing never worked! I was only numb on the outer left side of my body...not really my idea of pain relief. Contractions start picking up and they break my water. Here's where things start to take a downturn. Once they broke my water, the baby started having decels with every contraction...dr wasn't happy about that. They decide to infuse some fluid back in to help cushion the baby, but that wasn't working either. They continued to let me labor for a little while and before I knew it, I looked around the room and there were probably 10 doctors and nurses in there. I knew at this point things weren't looking good. They checked me again and I had only dilated to 7cm in like 6 hours and baby wasn't descending. So, to avoid a potential emergency situation the call was made to go ahead and do a c-section. I was so disappointed and worried...I just wanted everything to be ok.

On the way to the OR, they pumped my epidural with more medication which again didn't work...not good news when you're about to go into surgery! So, I elected to have a spinal done, which finally worked after many many attempts. Not long after, Madison Faith was finally born a healthy and happy 8lbs 8oz at 11:51pm. I am so in love! She is a great baby!

Recovery has been a little challenging. Lots of nausea and lots of pain. I felt totally useless for the first couple of days. But today, 5 days after birth, I'm actually feeling pretty good! I'm just so glad to have my baby here and healthy! I had my tubes tied during the c-section, so we are definitely done now.

And now for some pics (click on the image and it will take you to the album to see all the pics).

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she is so beautiful!!! my favorite is the pic where you're holding her and she's looking right at the camera. so sweet!

i'm sorry the birth was stressful! i had the same experience last time with the epidural not going in right the first time, having to do it again, and then not having it take. miserable! and i also had the same problem with DS1's heart rate deceling after they broke my water. so i can relate to suddenly having 10 people in the room. but it sounds like you were strong and calm through it all, and now your baby girl is here! i hope your recovery continues to go well, and you are all enjoying bonding as a family of 5. congrats!!!

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OMG! She is beautiful and looks so grown up already. And you look amazing for just having a baby !!! I hope I look that good! Wink so glad she is OK and all is well. Get lots of rest (haha). Your kids are gorgeous!

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Congratulations!! Absolutely beautiful!

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That sounds kind of scary, but I'm glad that everything went well in the end and now you have your beautiful little girl. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Sweet pics Erin! That sounds a bit scary that they only have one anesthesiologist working and you had to wait...but glad everyone is doing great!

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Congratulations, Erin! She's just precious!

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She is so beautiful and looks so alert for being a newborn! You look fantastic, too! I'm sorry the experience was less than ideal but the end result is precious and perfect. Hoping for a quick recovery for you!

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