bought some pink...

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bought some pink...

cloth diapers! yay! i have been dying to add some pink to my diaper stash ever since i found out i was pregnant with #2, but of course had to wait until we knew it was a girl. Yahoo can't wait to see her cute little bum in my new fluffy diapers.

and i also bought her first pair of jeans from baby gap for $9. they are having an extra 40% off their sale items right now, so lots of really good deals!

i can tell shopping for a baby girl is going to be addictive. Wink

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I remember my first pink as well. Wink By 2 I was over it, but until then it was pink insanity for dd1. Have fun!

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Fun Smile I have some boy print cloth diapers that I have had my eye on. They will definitely be my next purchase!

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I am just impressed that some of you use cloth diapers. Nasty! I'll stick to disposable. Smile