Bring on 34 weeks!!!!

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Bring on 34 weeks!!!!

So 34 weeks always marks some sort of thing in my previous pregnancies. With my first dd it is when I was diagnosed with pre-e and put on bedrest. With my second dd I started having HORRIBLE sciatic pain 24/7 in my leg and had pain meds and sleeping pills - nothing took the pain away. I am at 34 weeks trying to quietly sneak through the week and have an uneventful time. Third times a charm, right? Wink

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Knock on some wood girl! :). The good news is nothing has happened yet, so hopefully all will be well!

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Yay! Hoping it continues to go well for you!

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Didn't want to comment to early, but it looks like all is quiet! And with 5 weeks and change left you can do anything!