C-Section v. Vaginal Twin Birth

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C-Section v. Vaginal Twin Birth

So I'm a little bit off until this actually becomes a debate, but wanted your early input.

Originally, I was dead set on a C-section b\c of all the things I've seen\heard go wrong with a twin vaginal birth. But after being on here and seeing so many vaginal twin births go smoothly, I'm debating taking the option if it is presented.

What do you think I should do?

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It is an option Smile There are pros and cons and i think a vaginal birth is healthier than a C/Section. Make sure you let your dr know tho what you want to do. Its your body and im sure if something were to go wrong(in which i PRAY it doesnt) there will be dr's there to help!!! Good luck hun!!

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obviously i have no personal experience with this, but i do have 3 good friends who have had twins, and 2 of the 3 were able to delivery them vaginally with no issues at all. the first made it to 37 weeks, can't remember if she was then induced or went into labor on her own (it was 5 years ago), but both babies were born vaginally after several hours of contractions and less than an hour of pushing. the second friend had one of her sacs of water break at 32 weeks, they tried to delay labor with hospital bedrest, but a week later both babies were born vaginally and really fast! they didn't believe her that she was having labor contractions (they weren't being picked up on the monitor for some reason) until the first baby was crowning! and the second baby came right on the heels of the first, so she pushed them both out without epidural or meds or anything. both babies did great with the birth, and so did she...said recovery was no big deal (maybe because they were small due to being 33 weekers?). the third friend had a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks due to one or both babies being breech (can't remember, but one baby was definitely sitting with her butt blocking the cervix and had no room to flip around by that point).

so, if i were in your shoes, i would be open to a vaginal birth if babies are head-down and it works out that way! from the moms i've talked to, it is definitely an easier, faster recovery. but if you opt for the c-sec, that'll be okay, too! Smile

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Honestly I would rather be safe than sorry so I would opt for the c-section. I am SO greatful that I have been able to have all vaginal births but if it were twins I would feel uneasy about it. I used to work in the nursery at a hospital years ago and remember a mom having twins and the first was vaginal but the second they had to rush in for a c-section, so she was left with the worst case scenario.

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Well first I think you need to check with your OB and hospital and see what they are willing to perform. I live in NJ and I doubt if I had twins I would be allowed to birth vaginally. But NJ has one of the highest intervention rates and there are so many liability issues.

I would have an open and honest discussion about it with your doctor. I would prefer vaginal birth myself if the babies aren't breech; at least that's what I THINK I would want.

Good luck with this discussion!!

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I think if you can deliver them vaginally it would be better. If both babies are head down, I would unquestionably go for the vaginal birth. I had a c/s with my DD and the recover is ROUGH! I would be more terrified of the c/s recovery while caring for newborn twin than I would be of the birth itself. If you have a breech baby, then I imagine your OB would likely recommend a c/s. At the end of the day, you have to make a decision based on the best way to bring your babies into this world healthy and safely.

Good luck with your decision.

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I think I would try for a vaginal delivery IF babies were in a good position to do so. But, I wouldn't hesitate to do a c/s if there were issues that would make a vaginal delivery questionable.

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"NoelleB" wrote:

I think I would try for a vaginal delivery IF babies were in a good position to do so. But, I wouldn't hesitate to do a c/s if there were issues that would make a vaginal delivery questionable.

I agree ... I mean women had vaginal twin births hundreds of years ago before c-section was even an option ... we are just lucky to have modern medicine too to intervene if there is a problem.

Go with your gut!

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My gut says I want to say "hocus pocus" and these babies magically appear on the outside. Neither one is too appetizing to me right now. Smile

Glucose test tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I will post an update soon. I ended up in L&D this weekend - all is well now!!

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I have twins who were born at 30 weeks via c-section. My OB (in NJ - and I know lots of women with multiples in NJ who delivered vaginally and others c-sec), would have given me the choice if I made it to 32 weeks. His general "rule" was that as long as a woman made it to 32 weeks and baby A was head down, he would attempt a vaginal birth, regardless of Baby Bs position if that is what the mother wanted. Had I gone 2 more weeks, I would have tried a vaginal delivery.

That said, I had an emergency c-section at 30 weeks. Due to the nature, I was under general, which is not normally done. My recorvery was quick and easy and I do not regret it.

I will also say that I have several friends from my Mothers of Multiples group who delivered baby A vaginally and baby B by c-section. Although they then had to recover from 2 different types of birthday, I don't believe any of them regret doing it that way.

Good Luck with your decision! I am sure you will make the right choice for you and the babies!

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I had my twins vaginally and I have no complaints! Of course, healthy babies were the outcome we were striving for so had a sectin been necessary of course we would have done it! They were both head down and ready to go, I had them 3 days shy of 38 weeks. I could not imagine trying to take care of 2 babies (plus my oldest son was 18months at the time) after just having had surgery! My recovery was minimal after delivering them, I was up and going to the bathroom within the hour after they were born! Good luck!

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I has my twins vaginally at 36w3d. My doctors insisted on a c-section, but its my body, my choice. They were both head down, labor was quick, and I delivered in the OR 'just in case.' I cannot imagine taking care of them after surgery! I ended up walking myself back to my room from the OR like 20 min after delivery. Quick recovery, minimal pan. If your babies are in good shape and you have no emergency, def at least try for vaginal. Dont let them scare you....your body knows what to do.

~2 cents from an experienced vag twin mama

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Talk it over with your doctor, but if you can go with the least invasive measure and have healthy babies I would go that route.

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I had an epidural just in case my twins needed an emergency c-sec. I delivered vaginal. Baby A was head down and Baby B was breech. I was open to whatever was necessary to delivery my babies safely. I'm convinced that the open attitude helped me avoid the c-sec. HTH

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Hi Meg! I've been totally MIA on this site for most of the preg (although I'm keeping up with you on FB) Smile Just wanted to say...it's totally up to you...at the end of the day, when the girls are here healthy and safe, that's what matters! How are you feeling after your glucose results?