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Checking in

Hey All...

I am having a blast on vacation.... still have 4 more nights. Finally got back into internet world today. I have missed reading all your posts.

I have a question... We are using OPKs, started on CD7. The lines had been getting darker but not to the point where the test line was as dark as the control line. Then on Saturday, the line was almost invisible. I, of course, cried, thinking I wasn't going to O. Then on Sunday morning, I got what I think was a definite positive. The test line was SO dark, I ran out to the kitchen table to show DH, I was excited.

Since then, lines are way, way later. I think I O'd.

Any thoughts? Now, how many more days should I keep peeing on these things??

Thanks in advance!!

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It sounds to me like you O'd that last time when it was dark. Hopefully you caught that Eggie! Smile

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Are you temping at all?

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I agree with Amanda sounds like you o'd. 2WW then more POAS!