Coming on Over....

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Coming on Over....

No AF yet but my prediction is within 2 days. I just know my body well enough to know what's about to happen. So, jumping over from February. Hopefully I will be able to conceive a honeymoon baby this month. For anyone interested, I am putting a picture below from my wedding which was this past weekend.

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Welcome to March, I hope you get a honeymoon baby too! Your photo is lovely!

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A honeymoon baby would be awesome! Good luck and congrats on your wedding!!

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Erin, sorry Feb wasn't your month but a honeymoon baby would be amazing!

You look stunning and your dress is very beautiful! You and your DH look so happy! Congrats again!

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Hi Erin! Welcome to March. You looked beautiful at your wedding. Congratulations!!!

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Erin! You look so beautiful! And happy!! Sorry about Feb!! But I'm selfishly excited for you to try for a honeymoon baby, so hopefully we both can stick around march!! And you can help me keep in shape during this pregnancy haha :):)

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Erin, you look gorgeous! I'm hoping a honeymoon baby is in your future!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

It's official, I'm on to March.

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you look beautiful congratulations on the marriage and good luck for that honeymoon baby!

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Congrats on your marriage! Your wedding pic is beautiful and you are so stunning! I love your wedding dress!!

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Love, love, love your dress. Congrats of your marriage! One of my cousins is a a product of her parent's honeymoon - it makes for a great story! Hope you get to stay here!