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So around 7:00, I got sudden cramps (kind of like AF cramps) in my front and back. I would be more worried, but as of yesterday my cervix was long and tight. I feel the babies moving, but I'm still just a little worried. No bleeding though.

I know I don't have to go to the bathroom (I tried) and I'm not constipated. Any ideas of what it could be?

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Sounds like Braxton hicks to me which are totally normal! Do some kick counts to make sure both babes are moving ok. As long as the pains are not getting more painful or closer together, you should be fine! I find I get them more when I'm not drinking enough water.

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I think you may be right. As soon as I drank four glasses of water, the cramping felt less intense. I've been on my feet the past 4 days. I am wondering if I'm just heading into the beautiful world of BH, esp. since I'm measuring almost 24 weeks (singleton).

Thanks for reassuring me. Both babies have moved a few times the last few minutes (prob from cold water).

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i have started getting a lot of cramping, too, in the last couple weeks. i guess they are BH...i don't really remember what those felt like or when they started during my first pregnancy. but these cramps feel exactly like AF cramps...low abdomen and lower back, and they were worrying me. but my MW said as long as they don't settle into a pattern of regular intervals, getting more painful and closer together (the way labor contractions would) and as long as there's no bleeding, it's okay. rest and water does help!

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I definitly agree, drink lots of water. I had them with my second pregnancy a lot and my dr. said it was from dehydration. She said pregnant women need to drink a lot more fluids than normal. She urged me to keep a water bottle with me at all times! I'm trying to do that this time, but it only makes me pee!

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Yep, just chiming in with everyone else to concur. I feel crampy a lot, but just chalk it up to growing a baby. Unless there is another symptom with it I wouldn't worry. And yes, more water is better!

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The cramping can be caused from dehydration. You need so much more water intake when we are pregnant. Dehydration can lead to premature labour as well as many other complications. Try to strat each mornig with a big glass of water (before breakfast, before your shower and yup - before your morning coffee) It even makes giving blood that much easier. Smile