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Oh my goodness. I was craving salsa soooo bad on my way home from work that I came home and poured a huge bowl with a small bowl of tortilla chips to scoop it up. I honestly would have drank it if my husband wasn't around. I don't know where that came from. Any "have to have it now" cravings for you guys?

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I don't usually get cravings with pregnancies. However, if there is something I want to eat I eat it! Smile

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I craved salsa a LOT during early in my pregnancy with DD. I've craved tomato-y stuff this time too, but not to that same ravenous extent.

So far this time I've craved ice cream! I've wanted ice cream almost deserately all day!

Something I have this time I didn't before is that I have an absolutely insatiable appetite. I am completely full but at the same time desperate for more food. I hate this feeling. It's insane! I cannot get rid of this hunger!