Digital OPK question

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Digital OPK question

Hey ladies--anyone else here have experience with the Clearblue Digital OPK? (The smiley face one)?

My digital reader stopped working today, but I still have like....8 strips left. If you've ever used this before you know when you eject the strip you can see the lines. Does this work like a normal OPK? I mean--can I just read the lines without the digital reader? Thoughts?

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For me, no they didn't. I normally got extremely light lines on them even when I was getting near positives on ICs. The one time I did get a smiley on it (and a positive IC), the line was still light.

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Well crud--that stinks!

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I hear that Clearblue has a great customer service department. Try calling them and talking to them, you may get at least a coupon out of it, or possibly a new one!

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you could always check out pee on a stick it is a way to read them without the holder.

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