DIY Receiving blanket, wash cloths

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DIY Receiving blanket, wash cloths

This weekend DH adn I went to a fabric store and bought a bunch of Flannelette material (all neutral colours) and some terry cloth material. I spent the weekend sewing receiving blankets, wash cloths and hooded towels for the baby.

Here are the videos on the receiving blanket and the wash cloths. I still have to make the video on the hooded towels.

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I love making my own stuff!! I've made a lot of quilts and baby blankets for DD and will for this LO too. I make all my own baby bibs and I've made my own mai tai's and ring slings. Most of the time it's soooo much cheaper than buying it already made and even better quality (IMO)! Great job!

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I have made a bunch of receiving blankets, I love them because they are bigger and easier to nurse under. I also use them as sheets and for swaddling. In fact I have a bunch of fabric I need to sew. I gave away most of my store bought receiving blankets.