Doctors Appointment

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Doctors Appointment

I went to see my doctor. I am now 50% effaced, but closed. So she thinks they were contractions, but that it is just my body starting to prepare. Being twins and a first time mom, I could go next week or in four weeks. We finally picked a concrete date to induce - March 7 (bummer! later than initially planned), but at least I have an end in sight. She did say that it is "very likely" I will not make it to March 7th. I would love to make it to February 25 (36.5 weeks)... that would be ideal for me at least.

I'm to weekly appointments now, so I'll keep you updated.

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How exciting Meg!!! I can't wait to see your little girls!! In the meantime, you and dh need to get a lot of chill time, dates, going to the movies, etc. in as life as you know will never be the same (in a good Smile

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sounds like a good appt! glad you have both an induction date and a personal goal in mind. sending positive thoughts your way that those baby girls stay in til at least 36 weeks! Smile

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Megg im sooooo excitedddd !! Your journey is remarkable!!! I hope all goes well!!

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Won't be long now!! Exciting stuff!! Smile

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Super excited for you!!!! Keep us posted!

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Yay! Keeping you in my thoughts for sure!

And I agree with Jen, take some time for yourselves if you can before the babies come. Smile