Doppler Came In!

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Doppler Came In!

Just received my Doppler! I immediately found one hb at 186 bpm. I couldn't find the second, but (1) I didnt really try and (2) I'm still so early. They also said twin hb may be hard to differentiate. I'm not worried. Nonetheless, I at least still have one in there and it sounded

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That is so awesome! I have a feeling that you'll be listening in all the time! Smile

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Yay!! Seriously Meg....when did you get almost 10 weeks???? Exciting huh!!!

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I had one with my other pregnancies and I was listening all the time! Congratulations on hearing that precious sound. Smile

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I have one I'm borrowing from a friend. Several times I've had such a hard time and even given up finding the heartbeat (9.5-11 weeks). I got really worried. Then a friend who is a nurse gave me the best advice. Try it with a full bladder. Once I did that I can find the heartbeat every time in less than a minute.

It is beatiful, one of the best sounds in the world to me.

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Too bad you can't tape it to your belly and put in on speaker while you sleep!

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The full bladder idea worked! I found both!! 168 and 180! They're close together - I could barely hear one them! Yay!

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How exciting!!! Congrats!!!!

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I want one! I'm sure I'd listen to it several times a day -- at least at first Smile

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That's great!!!

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I'm so jealous, I want one really bad!! But I'm so happy you're having fun with yours! Smile

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I'm jealous! I want one. Although I'm going to the dr tomorrow, so I guess I'll hear it then.