Early gender ultrasound??

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Early gender ultrasound??

So, since I am so impatient to find out the gender of this baby, I decided to do a little searching for a 3D ultrasound place in my area. To my surprise, they offer gender ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks! They guarantee their gender ultrasounds and let you come back for free if they are wrong. Would you do it? It's $50 for a 20 minute 3D/4D ultrasound. I'm very tempted, but I'm a little hesitant as to the accuracy this early on. Although, from what I was able to find online it seems that gender predictions by ultrasound are 94% accurate at 14 weeks. Hmmm....

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The earliest I have seen them is 16 weeks. I would hold off until at least then. I had a 16 week gender scan and they were both correct. I mean, both babies were boys and it was very obvious, but still....

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That is very tempting! I can't wait to find out -- but if you find out at week 14, what will you do for the next 26? It seems like it will make the last half go faster if you wait until week 18 or 20. That's my rationale at least for convincing myself to wait -- because I can hardly stand it!!

Unfortunately that is still 7 to 9 weeks away for me.

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I would TOTALLY do it!!! Biggrin

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If you schedule two weeks from now you would be 16 weeks, but still a month or so away from the anatomy u/s. I think that if you are dying to know that might be a good bet. Or just one more week even. Smile

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Honestly I wouldn't do it. I don't think it would be accurate. My neighbor was told at 16 weeks it was a girl but she just had a feeling it wasn't and had another U/S further along and it ended up being a boy. I wouldn't waste the money.

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If you don't mind spending the $50 on it, and having it possibly be wrong, I would go for it! It would be fun to see the baby in 3D at that stage anyway. Smile

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Wow, 14 weeks! I would be a little hesitant, only because I had one at 18 weeks with #2 and she said she "thought" it was a boy, but wasnt quite sure. Then I went back at 21 weeks and they were sure it was a boy! Of course it wasnt a 3d ultrasound, so maybe that makes a difference? I am very excited to know what this one is though! Smile

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I had my gender scan at 14 weeks and there was no denying that this LO all boy! And my 20 week scan confirmed it. Having said that...the u/s tech told me that at 14 weeks it is easier to determine boys over girls since their parts are still so little. If baby cooperates and you can see between the legs there is no reason why a good tech can't tell you at 14 weeks.

I understand wanting to find out as early as possible to start shopping and such. So I say GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my gender thread with his pic..you can quite plainly see a penis.

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That's a toughie! Although I am DYING to find out, I suppose I can wait a little longer Smile My cousin is studying diagnostic sonography at Mizzou and we are going there for homecomming in October. She is going to scan me then, but I will be plenty far along at that point Smile

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Even though I'm sooo tempted to do the u/s now, I think I'm gonna wait until 16 weeks. An "iffy" gender guess won't satisfy my curiosity anyways. I think I can handle waiting another 2 weeks.

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My doctor insists that 20 weeks is the min for accuracy. BUT if you are still going to get one from the doctor too at 18-20 weeks, then I'd say, why not? If you have the money, go for it!