Early U/S?

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Early U/S?

Does your OB/midwife typically do an early U/S at your first appointment? I am anxiously awaiting my first OB appt next week and wondering if I will get to see my little babe. I'm pretty sure of my dates, so I know they won't need to do a dating ultrasound, but I'm really hoping I don't have to wait until my big U/S before I get to see anything!

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My doc doesn't unless there is a reason for concern. Just the anatomy u/s at 20 weeks! Of course I had lots more with the twins after 20wks when we found out there were 2, but not for any of the others.

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Most will only do the 20 week U/S. I had early ones with both of my kids because of spotting. I wish I could get an early one with this pregnancy but I'll probably have to wait!

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I've already had two U/S because of spotting. My doc always does a U/S in the office at the first OB appt. so I will have one on August 18th. Smile

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Pretend *gasp* you don't know your LMP so you can get a dating scan? I can't imagine waiting 20 weeks to see my little bean. This way you have some peace.

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Meg- I thought about doing that too!! I'm such a chicken though and I'll probably be nervous cause I've never met this doctor before. Well, I've got almost a week to "prepare"! LOL

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I'm not at risk (or maybe I am because this is my first pregnancy), but my doctor did one without me even asking for one. I knew the date of my LMP. Hopefully my insurance will cover it. I wasn't expecting one until week 20.