EDD and Gender Guess **STICKY Please**

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EDD and Gender Guess **STICKY Please**

Gender Tally:

Girls: 9 Boys: 6

February 27: MomtoQTs Guessing GIRL

March 1: lmh101979 (Lindsay)
natelukesmom (Amanda) - BOY
Mrs. Schepp (Heidi) - BOY

March 2:

March 3:

March 4: Sassy112704 (Jen) - GIRL

March 5: NoelleB (Erin) - GIRL

March 6:

March 7:

March 8: waitingimpatiently614 (Amanda) - GIRL
christybelle7 Guessing GIRL
amyrenee (Amy) - BOY

March 9:

March 10: socalmama (Heidi) GIRL

March 11: abbyblack - BOY

March 12:

March 13: Prego-Its-N-There (Rachel) GIRL

March 14: janowick0809 Guessing BOY

March 15:

March 16: Jbaum2 Guessing GIRL

March 17: Harper's_mom Guessing BOY
rwkl - Twin GIRLS
mandapanda84 Guessing GIRL

March 18:

March 19:

March 20: critterskunky BOY

March 21:

March 22: hopin2bpreggermeggers (Meg) TWIN GIRLS

March 23:

March 24: lahrmand TWINS Guessing BOY & GIRL

March 25:

March 26: jenboucher Guessing GIRL

March 27: IzzysMama (Jessie) BOY
JulieM (Julie) Guessing GIRL

March 28:

March 29: mcnabblauren Guessing BOY

March 30:

March 31:

Sweet Angels

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Yay! Ive been waiting for this! Also, pretty soon maybe even a belly bump one too?

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Ok, here's my guess. I'll be having a GIRL on March 26th. Smile I don't know if that's a prediction or just a major wish!! Smile

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I'm going to have a scheduled C, but I'm not sure what day yet. I am predicting BOY! If I say it enough will it become true?

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My EDD is March 5th and I'm guessing GIRL!

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Oh crap.....does that mean since I asked I have to maintain the thread? lol I have never done that on here before. Probably easy just don't know how you all make the Pink and Blue font?!?!?!

I am due March 4th and guessing Boy. Smile

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I am due March 14 and am going to say boy- although I really have no idea!

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Due 3/17 and guessing (hoping!) BOY!!

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My EDD is March 1st, and I had both my girls on their due dates, so I might stick with tradition. Smile

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Ok, my DD is March 1st and I'm hoping for a girl, so I guess you could say that's my guess.

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I'm sticking with my due date (because my daughter was born 10/13, my son 1/31 and it would be pretty darn cool if this one actually came on 3/10 - the 0s, 1s and 3s must mean something! LOL) and I'm guessing it's a :female:.

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Due March 1st. All the kids are guessing GIRL so I will go with them Smile

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I'm due March 27. No guesses yet.

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i'm due march 8th and guessing GIRL! seems like we have a lot of baby girl predictions here! Smile

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EDD is March 16 and I am convinced it's a GIRL. Was hoping for the first to be a boy. But all the signs point to a girl. Only 9 weeks pregnant, my hubby thinks I am a little crazy to be this convinced...

Craving sugar early on, heart beat is 163, bloat high not low....All the prediction charts say girl too. That said, my mom was convinced too that her first was a girl and all the old wife tales said girl, but she had my oldest brother (now - he is a little prissy, but he's an actor LOL - that was meant tongue in cheek hahahaha)

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Not sure if I can add mine since my EDD is Feb 27th (but I think I'll deliver late). If I can I'm guessing girl

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I am due March 11th and I think I am having a boy.

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My EDD is March 17th and I am guessing BOY!!

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EDD March 17. I'm guessing girl!!

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I'm due 3/22. If two end up working out, I'm guessing boy/girl. If just one, girl!!

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I'll guess March 8, girl.

Thanks for putting this together!

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My due date is March 20, I'll guess girl.

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I'm due March 8th and guessing GIRL!!!


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I've got twinsies and my estimated d-day is March 24th, but hubs and I are both guessing they'll show up on leap day Biggrin
I've got a feeling it's one of each, but everyone else is thinks girls.

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I am due March 27th and am guessing girl.

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My EDD is 3/29 and I am guessing boy! I have a 6yo DD and I was right about her being a girl.... I find out tomorrow at 3:40 and I can't wait!!!! Sooooooo excited!

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We're having a hamburger, not a hotdog :eek: rotfl *shrugz* at least that's how the dr described it lmao Yep guess that means we're havin' a Girl.. just found out on 11-15-2011 I'm currently 23W/1D EDD: is 03-13-12 yay! almost here!!! Yahoo