Emilie Claire Leonor has arrived!

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Emilie Claire Leonor has arrived!

Short story:

I went to my monitoring appointment on Monday (3/12) and the baby was having decelerations in her heartbeat, so since I was 2 days late anyway they decided to send me over to L&D to be induced. I arrived at L&D around 2pm but they didn't start the induction until 5pm, as they were using a brand new computer system that day and everyone was confused on how to use it. So, I waited and finally a doctor came in to break my water and found that the baby had pooped. Shortly after that is when they started the pitocin. I made it to 4cm at around 9pm and was finally able to get an epidural. I've never been induced before and that pitocin is wicked on contractions, LOL. I was fully dilated at 3am and the nurse had me do a practice push and when I got to 5 in the countdown she told me to stop and wait for the doctor. I waited like that for nearly an hour before my doctor came in. Once he got prepped I was told to start pushing again and I literally just started pushing when my doctor said "Whoa! Stop! Stop! Stop!", and out she slid. Not even one full push. I couldn't believe it was that easy but so thankful because I was worried because of my hemorrhoid, LOL. Unfortunately because she came out so fast, I tore and it's still hurting 4 days later but it was totally worth it. So, Emilie Claire Leonor came into this world at 4:07am on 3/13/12 weighing 7 lbs. 9oz. and measuring 19" long. She resembles her older sister and is just so sweet. She scored 9 and 9 on her apgars but she failed the hearing screen in her left ear only. We have an appointment with an audiologist on the 3rd but I'm honestly not worried. Our ped said he sees this happen a lot and it almost always works out perfectly. She may have just had fluid or something in her ear blocking the sounds. Praying it all works out well but other than that, she is the picture of health. Smile

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Congrats! She is beautiful!

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she is beautiful!!! i love those perfect little lips. Smile

you must have some amazing pushing muscles down there to get her out so quickly. sorry about the tear...i can relate to that pain. and my baby girl failed her hearing screen, too, but in both ears. our pediatrician said 1/20 babies fail the initial test, but only 1/2000 have actual hearing impairment. and he said the same thing you did about the fluid leftover in their ears from the birth interfering with the test. we have to take her back to the hospital next week to be retested, and i hope she will pass this time!

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She looks so content just sleeping there. She's perfect! Congrats!

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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Smile

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Congrats - she is beautiful!!

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What a beautiful baby Smile She does look a lot like her sister. Congratulations!