Emma's Birth Story

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Emma's Birth Story

Hi Ladies - I haven't been on here to much since Emma's birth - been having way too much fun getting to know her Smile

Mar 14 I started having contraction late at night. At 7 am the next morning, they were 2 minutes apart and we headed into the hospital (an hour drive and no sleep). They hooked me up to the monitor and checked dialation (only 1cm at the time). They kept noticing a little dip in the heart rate every contractions. by 2 pm the contractions had died down, but they kept me on the monitor until 4 to make sure everythign was ok. We were sent home then.

Contractions started again on Friday and at midnight, we headed to the hospital again...I was 2 cm dialated...and again they noticed little dips in Babies heart rate after every contraction. by 11 am the contractions died down and I was sent home..again...

for the next 2 days, I had irregular contractions (I spent ALOT of time in the hot bath and on the excersize ball). Monday night, contractions became more regular and when they were 2 minutes apart, hubby got me into the van and off to the hospital again..(it was about 11PM)...

They hooked me up to the monitor again and from the strength of the contractions, they figured I should have been dialating...but no progression. I contracted until 8 am, with no dialation. The Dr wanted to give me a shot of morphine to help me sleep. Once they did, the contractions died down completely, and I was sent home....

Tuesday and wednesday I was having irregular contractions I would get them for a few hours, then a little break and then again). I saw my Dr on wednesday (this has now been a week of prodromal labour). She was shocked I had been going through it and was still in good spirits. We decided to induce on Friday instead of waiting until Tuesday.

Friday at 8pm I went in to get cervadil inserted (Day nine of prodromal labour). spent an hour at the hospital and was sent home to wait for things to progress. We stayed at a friends house (15 minutes from the hospital). at 4AM, contractions started to be consistant (about 3 minutes apart). at 630, they were 2 minutes and strong, so we made our way to the hospital. I was checked, still no progression...

Here they won't check you into L&D until you are 4cm...I walked the halls, had warm showers, squated, you name it and by 11 am, when the Dr came in to check me, I begged her to tell me I was 4cm...She checked me and said I was. YAY! Off to L&D...I had planned for a natural birth, but by this point, I was exhausted, I had absolutely no energy after the last 10 days. My Dh and I talked about it before the induction, and decided that if it came down to it, we would do the epidural. I let the Dr know that I wanted one. The anatesiaolgist was in surgury so I had to wait for one. While I was waiting, about 1230, my water broke, and baby crashed. Heart rate went below 60 Sad

They got me up on my side to change position to stabalize her. She stabalized and they put a monitor thingy on her head. I was about 5cm at this point. At 130, they gave me the epidural. It only froze one side (my left) so at 230, they added more to make sure the right side got it too. around 330, both Dh and I got to take a nap. at 4 there was still no progression, so they decided to start the pitocin. within 10 minutes of starting the drip, baby crashed again. Heart rate was 58. Hospital room filled up with nurses trying to get me on my hands and knees. I couldn't move because of the epidural, so that was a bit scary. i didn't think they were turning me fast enough. Hubby woke up when the monitors went off, only to see the room fill up with people.

They got me on my hands and knees and baby stabilized. My Dr ordered a consult from the surgeon. he was still in surgery, (just finishing) and sent over his assistant. She looked at my chart and said since the baby was stabilized we would wait. The Dr came in at 420 and looked at the chart and said we had to get baby out ASAP. They took hubby to get scrubs on and rushed me to the OR.

Emma was born at 431PM on March 24..she was 7Lb 9oz. And she peed on the Dr as soon as they took her out. She lost 10% of her weight after birth, and was back over her birth weight by day 9 Smile She had no problem latching ( I hade an amazing romanian nurse for 3 days and she helped with that)

The Dr's and Nurses were awesome and they had no problem letting me keep the placenta. I encapsulted it, and it has made a world of difference in my recovery. If I miss taking a pill, the next day I can't stop crying and thinking my DH wants to leave me (which is crazy - because he loves me dearly and has been nothing short of amazing this whole time), when I take them, I am energetic and happy and feel very balanced.

Emma is now over a month and is a perfect baby. She is very happy, and isn't fussy at all. She feeds every 3 hours during the day and sleeps up to 5 hours at a time at night. If a long labour meant she would this amazing, then it was defintely worth it. Smile

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Thank you for sharing your story! Sounds like things got kinda scary there. Any pictures to share, too? Smile

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Congratulations on your little girl!

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Wow! Sounds like you went through quite long haul to get her here! So glad she's safe and healthy. Smile