Facebook official!

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Facebook official!

Now I really feel like I'm preggers...posted the announcement on Facebook! :ROFL::yahoo:

Feeling good though, no symptoms to really speak of, except my boobs kill! I got cleared to go back to regular (modified) exercise and I saw the little bean moving at my ultrasound yesterday!! Can't believe we're almost done with our 1st trimester!!

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Wahoo! I posted on fb when I hit 12 weeks. Felt great! Smile

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I'm going to wait until 16 weeks because March 4th sounds soooooo far away. Smile

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I just announced it on FB on Sunday. Got an overwhelming response of happiness. Smile

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I'll put it on Facebook once we get a chance to tell my MIL and FIL. We don't see them that much and want to tell them in person.

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Sept 9th we are announcing it. We will be 13 weeks and we will do after our Ultrasound that day, once we see that everything is good!