feeling so useless

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feeling so useless

Anyone else barely making it through the day because of being so tired?? I can't seem to keep my eyes open. I don't remember being this tired with my other two pregnancies but I am utterly exhausted. Maybe it's because I spend all day with a 1 and 3 year old.:wink: I'm trying to lay down as much as I can but it's pretty impossible. What are you other ladies doing to help with being tired??

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I definitely feel you on being tired. My kids are 1 and 4 so yeah, I'm tired a lot. What helps me the most is having a routine that I can stick to. Part of that routine for me is an optional nap while the baby is sleeping in the afternoon. If I know that I get that choice then it makes the morning a little easier for me. And if I take a nap it makes the afternoon a little easier as well. It also helps to have other kids wear yours out like a playgroup or something. HTH!

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Not yet but I did with my 1st 2 so I'm expecting it any day now. I started feeling myself again energy wise after 12 weeks. I'm right there with you ladies in terms of other kids to wrangle. Good luck to all of us.

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YES! I literally can't wait for my husband to get home from work so I can go and nap! Exhausted for sure...

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Definitely more tired here! I try to sneak in a short nap while the baby is taking a nap, but sometimes that's a challenge with a 4 year old too!

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This is my first, but I have trouble keeping my eyes open all day long. I don't know how you ladies do it with other children! Smile

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Yep. I feel like a total blob. Poor DD has been watching lots of movies lately.

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I'm the total opposite. I feel completely normal and maybe even have a little more energy than normal! I do remember being incredibly tired with my last two pregnancies so I sympathize. I'm sure it's much harder with little children to take care of as well.

I hope you start getting some energy back soon!

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Agreed with Jina. I still feel fine until about 8 at night, then I'm not really tired per se, but more "unmotivated." But I'm 2-3 weeks behind y'all!

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YES!!!!!!!!! This is so sad, but I've been putting my kids in front of the TV to watch cartoons so I can take a snooze on the couch. This has happened pretty much for a week now!

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You ladies made me feel so much better! I'm glad I am not alone.

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So stinkin' tired!!!

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Yesterday I drove home from work, got home around 6pm, and went upstairs and took an hour nap...LOL