Finally picked a name!!

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Finally picked a name!!

While everyone is poppin' out those cute little ones, I've been patiently waiting my turn -- still fretting over what we'll name our little one. We finalized our baby names at last this morning -- right in time ... as our c-section is on FRIDAY!!!

Girl: Elsie Alice
Boy: Wyatt Jack

Pretty excited to have THAT out of the way!!! Biggrin

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I love them! Elise was one of my picks. Smile Good luck on Friday! I'll be thinking of you!!

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Great names! Love them both! Good luck Friday Smile

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those names are adorable!! Elsie was a girl name we considered because it is my grandmother's middle name. I love the vintage names. Smile

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Great choices, I super love Wyatt. Any guesses on what gender the baby will be?