Finally some pics of Hallie!

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Finally some pics of Hallie!

Me at 40 Weeks Prego!

Right after Hallie was born

Mama, Daddy and Hallie

My three beautiful girls!

Our First family pic

Sweet Hallie

Hallie Lynn!

Mama and Daddy with Hallie

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She's BEAUTIFUL!!!! That close up with the red bow ... melt your heart!! CONGRATS!!

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she is beautiful!!! love those cheeks. Smile

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What a beautiful little girl! Love the new whole family pic as well. She is adorable and so are the big sisters!

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She's so cute! And those colors (the purples and red bow) look fantastic on her!

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Aww just adorable! You have a beautiful family!

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What a sweetie!

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** Lurker **

So cute!!

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Oh my gosh, she is precious! I love her cheeks and lips. Smile