Finding Out ..

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Finding Out ..

I know it's a bit early -- but how many of you plan to wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

My husband wants to ... so I told him I can wait .... until our ULTRASOUND!!! I'm a planner and I need to know ASAP. If I could have found out yesterday I would have Biggrin

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We will be finding out at our 20 week ultrasound (as long as the babe cooperates)

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We have been team green both times and this time will be the same. : )

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We will definitely be finding out! I can hardly stand the suspense!!

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We were also team green with my first two kiddos. DH wants to wait because he likes the surprise. I'm thinking I might find out and not tell him I know (he did say it was fine if I found out). Since I still have all my boy and girl baby clothes it would be nice to know which ones to pull out and wash.

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Can't decide yet. If two actually come to be, then we may have to just to know what to buy! OR I could just get unisex stuff??

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We did a Whinnie the Pooh theme nursery, have the animal print stroller and car seat, and lots of green, yellow, and white clothes. After both girls were born I bought a couple of pink socks and blankets just to let the world know. But it wasn't hard to buy unisex stuff. I would think the hardest part about twin surprises is all the names you would have to come up with! A boy and girl name has been a challenge for DH and I both times!

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I will TOTALLY find out!!

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Finding out as soon as humanly possible!

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"MrsSchepp" wrote:

Finding out as soon as humanly possible!

Ditto! We are planners.

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Can't wait to find out!! I'll be finding out ASAP!

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Totally finding out here! I found out with the other 2, I know I couldn't wait. I'm too type A planner!

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We will be waiting. Team Green!